Qualifications For Licensure Speech-Language Pathologists

To qualify for a full license in speech-language pathology, an applicant must:

  1. Submit to fingerprinting.
  2. Hold a Master's degree or equivalent in speech-language pathology from an accredited educational institution.
  3. Have completed 300 hours of supervised clinical practicum in three different clinical settings.
  4. Have completed 36 weeks of full-time or 72 weeks of part-time supervised Required Professional Experience (RPE) while holding an RPE temporary license. If experience was completed in California, you must have held an RPE temporary license during that time.
  5. Effective September 1, 2014, pass the national speech-language pathology exam administered by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Praxis Series with a minimum score of 162. The exam must not be more than five years old. You must authorize ETS to report your test score to our Board using Report Code R8544.

For further information pertaining to the national examination dates and locations or to obtain a bulletin containing the examination information, visit www.ets.org/praxis.


Option #1

Required Professional Experience (RPE)

Option #2

Equivalent Qualifications

For those with a current Certificate of Clinical Competence issued by ASHA.

Option #3

Licensed in Another State

Must possess an active and current license from another state. If you also hold a current ASHA certification, you must use Option #2.

Option #4

Previously Licensed in California

Held a license in California that expired more than 5 years ago.

Option #5

Foreign Educated Graduates

Completed graduate education outside the United States


Pursuant to AB 107 (Chapter 693, Statutes of 2021, Salas) the Board must issue a 12-month temporary license to any applicant who 1) holds a current, active and unrestricted audiology license in another state, 2) is married to or in a domestic partnership with an active duty member of the military, and 3) where that active duty military member is currently stationed in California. The temporary license is nonrenewable and expires 12 months after issuance, upon issuance of a permanent license, or upon denial of an application for permanent licensure. The Board has 30 days after receipt of all necessary documentation and clearance of the applicants Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation background check to issue the temporary license. NOTE: the individualís license from another state cannot have been disciplined by a licensing entity in another jurisdiction and cannot be the subject of an unresolved complaint, review procedure, or disciplinary proceeding conducted by a licensing entity in another jurisdiction.

Temporary licenses will be issued electronically and displayed on the DCA Search website at https://search.dca.ca.gov/.

The applications for these temporary licenses can be accessed at the links below:

Required Professional Experience (RPE) Military Spouse/Domestic Partner Temporary License for Completion of CFY in California

Speech-Language Pathologist Military Spouse/Domestic Partner Temporary License for Individuals Licensed in Another State