Notice of Regulatory Change Regarding Notice to Consumers

The Legislature enacted Business and Professions Code (BPC) section 138 which requires every board in the Department of Consumer Affairs to adopt regulations to require licensees to provide notice to their clients or patients that the licensee is licensed by this state.

This regulatory change implements, interprets, and makes specific the provisions of BPC section 138 to ensure that consumers are aware that individuals engaged in the practices of speech-language pathology, audiology, or hearing aid dispensing are licensed by this Board and on how they can contact the Board.

These approved regulations specify the method of transmission and content of that notice.

You can download a courtesy copy of this notice by clicking on the link below.

For additional information, the regulatory documents can be found below.

Notice to Consumers

Effective Date of Regulation: April 1, 2023

This approved regulation adopts section 1399.129 of Article 5 of Division 13.3 and section 1399.157.1 of Article 8 of Division 13.4 of Title 16, California Code of Regulations.