Filing a Complaint

The Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology & Hearing Aid Dispensers Board (SLPAHADB) was created to protect consumers through its licensing and enforcement functions. SLPAHADB has the authority to require that licensees abide by provisions of the Business and Professions Code or risk losing their license to practice. Since the law does not give SLPAHADB statutory authority to establish an inspection program, most SLPAHADB actions result from written complaints from consumers regarding violations by speech-language pathologists, audiologists, or hearing aid dispensers.

A complaint should be filed by anyone who believes that a licensee, registrant or applicant has engaged in unprofessional conduct, related to his or her professional responsibilities. The Board will review each complaint regardless of the source.

Complaints must be submitted in writing. The most effective complaints are those containing firsthand, verifiable information. While anonymous complaints will be reviewed, they may be impossible to pursue unless they contain documented evidence of the allegations made. Third party complaints filed by someone other than the client may be impossible for the Board to pursue because each therapy client has the legal right to confidentiality of their treatment records. Unless all persons are willing to be contacted and provide authorizations for release of information, the Board may be unable to investigate and prosecute a complaint.

Individuals who file complaints are notified in writing of the status of their complaint or any actions taken as a result of the complaint.

When filing a complaint, please provide a statement that clearly explains the nature of your complaint. Include as much detail as possible as well as copies of any documentary evidence you might have, e.g., bills, statements, cancelled checks, insurance reimbursement statements, correspondence, court documents, etc. Whenever possible, include the name, address and phone number of any witness or other person who can corroborate the issues or events described in your complaint. Include dates, times and locations of therapy when possible. It is not necessary to refer to specific sections of law which may have been violated. The emphasis should be on providing details of the complaint rather than drawing conclusions.

Consumer Complaint Form

The SLPAHADB Consumer Complaint Form is available in Adobe Reader format to maintain compatible display and print capability on all computer platforms, it requires the most current version of Adobe Reader to view properly.