Accusations or Statements of Issues Filed by the Board

The following cases represent accusations and statements of issues that have been filed by the Board against Speech-Language Pathologists, or Audiologists Speech-Language Pathologist Temporary Licenses, Speech-Language Pathology Assistants, or Audiologists, Audiologist Temporary Licenses, Required Professional Experience Temporary Licenses, Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology Aides, Hearing Aid Dispensers, Hearing Aid Trainees, and Hearing Aid Dispensers Temporary Licenses. An accusation is a document that notifies the licensee (Respondent) of charges that are being brought against their license. An accusation may result in disciplinary action that can include suspension, probation, or revocation. A statement of issues is a document that notifies a license applicant of charges that are being brought against the applicant to deny their application for a license. A statement of issues may result in a probationary license or outright denial of a license.

The licensees or applicants identified in each accusation or statement of issues may not have had a public hearing, and cause may not have been found to exist on any charges in the documents. If a hearing has been held and cause found to exist, and a formal action has been taken by the Board, the final Decision and Order will be posted to the Disciplinary Actions page. The information is The information is accurate according to the Board's records; therefore, any noted errors should be reported to the Board at (916) 287-7915 or by email at