Participation in Exams/Workshops (Hearing Aid Dispensing)

The Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology & Hearing Aid Dispensers Board (Board) is seeking qualified California licensed Hearing Aid Dispensers and Dispensing Audiologists to attend workshops and develop the written and practical exams. The Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are essential to the development of licensure examinations.

SMEs are Hearing Aid Dispensers or Dispensing Audiologists that are currently dispensing hearing aids, are in good standing with the Board, and are able to articulate specialized technical knowledge related to the dispensing profession.
Workshops are conducted in Sacramento (or online) by the Office of Professional Examination Services (OPES). Workshops will be conducted with a group of 5-10 licensees from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in a one (1) to three (3) day workshops. If it is a two- or three-day workshop, you must attend all days to receive the associated Continuing Education Credit.

For their participation, SMEs receive 8 hours of Continuing Education credit per day. SMEs are paid a per diem rate of $175 per day. Participants who live 50 or more miles from the workshop site are reimbursed for overnight travel expenses, as well as reimbursement for mileage. The Board typically prepays airfare.
If you are interested in participating in a workshop and would like to be considered by the Board as a SME, please verify that you meet the following requirements:

  • Possess a current and valid California Hearing Aid Dispensing License or Dispensing Audiology license.
  • Have three or more years of experience and expertise in the practice of hearing aid dispensing.
  • Have no pending complaints or discipline against your Hearing Aid Dispensing or Dispensing Audiology license or any health care related license in California or in any other state.
  • Agree to the current reimbursement rate of $175.00 per day for workshops/interviews and any document preparation. You will be reimbursed for travel expenses within the State guidelines.
  • Agree to not participate in any examination coaching or preparation activities as stated in the agreement signed with the Board upon participation in examination development activities.
  • You must complete a conflict of interest form, examination security agreement, and several other forms.

If you meet the above requirements and are interested in possibly becoming a Subject Matter Expert, please email your resume/curriculum vitae along with the Recruitment Application for Participation in Hearing Aid Dispensing Exam Development Workshops and Practical Examinations (below) to